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Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube

Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube
Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube
Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube
Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube
Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube
Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube
Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube
Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube

Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube   Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube

Professional SINGTRONIC Complete Karaoke System Special Include. Singtronic Laser Party Disco L.

D Light with Remote Control Music Beat. Singtronic 14 Gauge Monster Speaker Cable 50ft with Banana Plug. Song Lists Pre-loaded in 6TB Hard Drive. Special Features Newest Model: 2020. HDMI direct Output for both Super Digital Audio & (4K) UltraHD 1080P Video. Dual On-Screen Navigation "Song Search" & "Lyrics Display" on the same TV screen. Built in "Pure Auto Volume Control" means All the song are 100% at the same level.

Vocalist Control "Vocal Off" all songs are OFF & "Vocal On" all songs are ON. No need to keep pressing vocal button every song. Direct Add New Song into the Hard Drive by PC or USB Flash Drive.

Its so easy like 1,2,3..... Wifi & LAN Network to connect to Internet for Youtude Karaoke and surfing net. Built in latest version: KODI, Vietmedia, Viet TV 24, watch live Sports, Movies, Pay-Per-View & TV Channel. Select Song from HDD & Unlimited Youtube Songs by Iphone, Ipad, Android &Tablet at the same time.

Latest 2020: Built in Cloud: Download New Update Songs. Newest Model: 2020 SINGTRONIC PA-1500Pro pack with a serious punch power 3000W without heavy hit to your wallet. It features the latest Class D Digital Switching Techonoligy for very low-weight and reduce heat, making for a very portable and reliable power amplifier. A very low 100-dB s/n ratio insures s crystal clear sound and uncolored audio signal and a true faithful vocalist reproduction.

With its built-in Clip Limiter and Low Frequency Noise Filter, distortion and speaker damage is a thing of the past. Also when it comes to I/O versatility, the Balance XLR Input, Speakon Ouput and 2-way binding posts make for easy system integration's. When you seek chest thumping, crystal clear sound quality with industry leading features and total reliability, the Singtronic PA-1500Pro is the perfect choice. Singtronic KS-1500DW is second model of our piano-wood series especially designed to match with your home furnishing creating a grand atmosphere. KS-1500DW is an elegant Karaoke speaker with black MDF (medium density fiberboard) wood layered finish.

It has good sound quality and artistic beauty. The speaker was designed by using the principle that softer wood provides smoother and clearer audio output like a piano. The piano-wood series is especially designed for customers with a good sense of art and music. Singtronic KS-1500DW has high standard in sound definition producing maximum power and range with great stereo and booming bass feature. The new Compressor for high frequency sounds allow crispy clear vocal unmatched by any karaoke speaker. The Super Slim (8.5 in Width) , compact design fits well into virtually any architectural decor. The (48 in) tall line array height provides consistent pattern control throughout the intelligibility band, making the KS-1500DW ideal for difficult acoustic environments. The combination of superior sound quality, excellent pattern control, and compact design makes KS-1500DW ideal for applications such as Home Livingroom, KTV Room, Lecture Halls, Transit Centers, Conference Rooms, Cathedrals, Multipurpose Spaces, Architectural Spaces, among many others. The innovative coverage adjustability allows switching between broad and narrow vertical coverage settings to allow matching the coverage and throw requirements of the application. Coverage can be easily switched in-venue with the speaker already installed. This innovation allows a single loudspeaker model to excel in an extremely wide variety of project types.

The Vocal voicing can be set to match the application through the Music/Karaoke switch. The Music setting provides flat frequency response, while the Karaoke setting produces a mid-range presence boost to provide clear, intelligible voices even at the longest throw distances.

3 way speakers system UPGRADE NEW MODEL: 2020 UPGRADE WITH 2 GROUND SHAKING BOOM BASS WOOFER. Super Slim 8.5 in Width. 3 Super Tweeters (2 Front & 1 Back). Newest Model: 2020 SINGTRONIC UHF-15 00Pro Professional Digital True Diversity PLL 300 Channels Dual Wireless Microphone System Pro Series is the right solution for Karaoke vocalists, Home Entertainment enthusiasts and Club Patrons who have been looking for a cost effective UHF wireless solution that can fit seamlessly into a multitude of applications. Working on crowded group singers UHF frequency bands have develop it on signal, the UHF-15 00Pro ensures the best possible performance for all singers. The world's first ever built with Heavy Duty Metalic Silver Pro Series Handheld & Digital Strong Voices wireless microphone system with LCD display. Which you can sing through day and night without worrying about cost of replacing batteries.

Professional Digital Echo Key Control Processor, Mixer, Feedback Eliminator with Optical & Coax. FREE: USB Wifi and FREE app. For real time wireless controlling on smart Devices like: Iphone & Ipad. Equipped with WIFI and free app for real time wireless controlling on smart devices. Easy setup and operation, with an enhanced user interface.

Digital LED Screen Display Function. Digital audio processing system with DSP Multi-digital Reberb, more superior sound and vocal effect. Using 32-bit high-performance DSP and AD / DA, 24-bit, 48K sampling pure digital professional KTV front effects. Unique Microphone Feedback Eliminator, there are 4 levels of intensity adjustable. Variety of Reverb effect Type: Hall / Room / Plate. 15-Band PEQ for music and two ways MIC, noise gate, HPF / LPF. Microphone Actualors make easy light singing. 10 Individual Mode Parameter Memory Stored. Karaoke and theater modes have six independent output channels which are adjustable independently. Optical fiber and coaxial digital audio input will help karaoke mode is more perfect and reproduce sound theater in 5.1 channel format.

Six separate and adjustable signal Volume outputs: Main L&R: Surround L&R: Center: Subwoofer. Featuring mute function to avoid damaging speakers.

4 microphone inputs: 2 Front & 2 Back with high-pass filter and low-pass filter. 3 inputs of volume potentiometer: Music, Microphone & Effect. 3 inputs of stereo audio VOD/AUX/BGM. 1 Optical & 1 Coax Input (Can connect directly from Smart TV via Optical Output for Youtube Karaoke).

Output Channel: Main output (R/L) / Center / SUB / Surr. Wifi Wireless Connection through PC Sofware & Iphone / Ipad Apps controlled. Support Ipad and Iphone App. Please download the app " T-audio" from App Store.

Turn on your mixer, plug in a white USB Wi-Fi stick (included in the package). BONUS SUPER BOOOOOOOOOM BASSSSSSSSSSS SINGTRONIC SW-350B Power Subwoofer Like its predecessor the SW-350B , the SW-350B was tested thoroughly, but this time in live Karaoke, as well as full-scale club environments, ensuring a solid performance in the Karaoke and club arenas. Its small footprint design and recessed side-handles makes placement and relocation practical, and with its reinforced shell construction and aviation grade carpeting, it is well protected from the elements and attractive to the eye. You wont have any trouble integrating the SW-350B , as it has both line-level and high-level connection options. Once you experience the full-spectrum sound that the SW-350B brings to a sound system, you wont want to hear audio the old way ever again!

350W of Mega Booming Bass to feel the music Low-distortion Output. 12 High-efficiency Super Bass Woofer for Accurate Long-lasting, Stable Performance.

Rugged Dual-port Enclosure with Metal Grills and Carrying Handles. Highly Detailed Bass Response to 50Hz.

50Hz-150Hz Adjustable Crossover for Variable Low-pass Filtering. High-level MDP and Line-level RCA Inputs/Outputs for Multiple Connection Options. Phase Switch for Correct Speaker Phasing.

Support 5.1 Channels Subwoofer Input. 110V-240V Compatible for Use Worldwide.

Made Special High Gross Paint Piano Wood. Karaoke-On-Demand (KOD) is the latest and most advanced. HDMI (4K) UltraHD & Full HD 1080P. Hard Drive karaoke player in the world comes with 2TB to 16TB hard drive which can hold approximately over.

There are many new features that differentiate. From the rest of the players in the market. Its capability of recording any DVD/VCD/CDG& MP3G discs onto the hard drive through USB Ports makes it so much easier for users to add their favorite music into the collection.

Comes with a USB device that allows you to ripping all CDG disc. Into MP3G song files and able to playback any supported MP3, MPEG, AVI, MKV, DivX, VOB & JPEG files anytime. The unit also has a. Full HD 1080P High Definition Multimedia Interface. Its so easy to use both on-screen navigation with "Song Search" & Singing Display Lyrics screen display on your TV , excellent audio and full 1080P video quality.

YES , you can choose a song without a songbook, you don't need to strenuously searching your favorite songs one by one by gluing your eyes to flip pages by pages, or you don't need to operate the menu to avoid interrupting others. The process is easy to operate and avoids wasting time to locate your favorite songs.. Iphone & Ipad: Karaoke Air 2. The item "Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube" is in sale since Friday, February 14, 2020. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Karaoke Entertainment\Complete Karaoke Systems".

The seller is "bvbkaraokecom" and is located in Anaheim, California. This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Model: System-1199
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Type: Component System without Monitor
  • Color: Black
  • Accessories Included: Cables
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • System Includes: USB Voice Recording
  • Brand: Singtronic

Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube   Singtronic Complete 3000W Karaoke System 80,000 Songs with Record & Wifi & Youtube