Karaoke Machine System

Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics

Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics

Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics   Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics
+ Rockville RNRMR10 10' Nickel-Plated 3.5mm 1/8 TRS to Dual RCA Cable with 100% Copper Conductors for Enhanced Signal Clarity. Condition: BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING. (1) Rockville BPA12 12 Professional Powered Active 600w DJ PA Speaker w Bluetooth. (1) Gemini STL-100 Tripod DJ Karaoke Speaker Stand w/Customizable LED's + Remote. (1) Rockville RWM1203VH VHF Wireless Dual HandHeld Microphone System/Digital Display. (1) Rockville IPS20 Tablet/SmartPhone/iPhone/iPad Tripod Stand 4 All Tablets/Phones. (1) Rockville RCDR10B 10' Dual RCA to Dual RCA Pro Audio Cable 100% Copper. (1) Rockville RNRMR10 10' 3.5mm 1/8 TRS to Dual RCA Cable 100% Copper. HOW TO SET UP YOUR BPA SPEAKERS. The Rockville BPA12 12 powered PA speaker has superior sound quality and power to anything at this price point. At Rockville we cut out all the. And deliver the best professional products at the best prices.

This speaker has an incredible 600 watts of peak power and will deliver a massive amount of highs, mids, and Bass. The built in USB input and SD input are great options for playing back your music.

The Bluetooth integration is very easy to use and is very reliable. You will be able to transmit music. The Bluetooth range is 32 feet. Our new Bluetooth chipset ensures top of the line sound quality so you get distortion free playback. This BPA12 speaker comes to the market as a result of one full year of intensive research and development.

Our strategy used to be to re-sell other brands Bluetooth speakers at great price points. However, our customers were simply not happy with how loud they were able to go. As a result we had to stop carrying those other models. Since realizing there was a market, we decided to go out and try to make a better product and keep the price point the same. Like we always do, we went out and bought 5 models of great sounding PA speakers and put our engineers, purchasers, and designers to work to see if we can build something as good as the higher end brands for the price of the cheaper ones.

One year later the BPA series was born and is now in stock! These go louder than the ones we tested against. We abused them for months and they still held up just fine! These speakers are true professional quality! There are speakers on the market that write 3,000 watts. Our true-world rated 600 watts will go literally 300 % louder than those 3,000 watt speakers. The 12" woofer built into this speaker has a 2" KSV voice coil which provides an extremely loud, deep, punchy bass response.

Couple that with our state-of-the-art 1'' pure titanium-diaphragm compression driver and the ultra-wide dispersion, 45° large-format horizontal. Horn and you get beautiful full range concert-quality sound.

The linear class A/B amplifier built into these speakers is efficient and provides clean power to the speaker. Our factory produces some of the best powered speakers. For the BPA series we did the following upgrades. We made the amplifier 25 % more powerful. We made the voice coils bigger, and the magnet of the woofer bigger.

We also upgraded the tweeters and horns. We do not use Piezo. We really went out of our way to make sure the amp built into these speakers gives you enough power so you can really feel the music. The BPA12 has a versatile trapezoidal enclosure design which allows you to use it as a PA speaker.

It is also flyable and stand mountable giving you many options on how you can utilize these speakers. We also included all the inputs and outputs you would need along with great controls. These have XLR and 1/4" ultra-low noise Mic / Line inputs with volume control as well as line RCA, 1/8" aux, and XLR inputs with separate gain adjustments. There is also XLR balanced output for linking of additional speakers or for connecting to a mixer.

If you are in the market for a high quality 12 active speaker, then we highly recommend the BPA12. We feel this is the best value on the market. You get great features, great quality, high power, and a lot of versatility for a great price.

Rockville BPA12 12 600 Watt Active DJ/PA Speaker With Built In Bluetooth. 600 Watts Peak/300 Watts Program/150 Watts RMS. High power long-throw 12'' woofer with 2 KSV voice coil provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power. Bluetooth range is 32 feet. USB/SD digital MP3 music player.

Input audio signals, special effects, any preprogrammed audio file and amplify it through your system. Enjoy the added convenience of being able to adjust any of the MP3 player functions, including volume, from the included wireless remote. LCD screen displays MP3 functions including BT connectivity. Channel 1 features XLR and 1/4 TRS inputs with volume control.

Channel 2 features XLR, RCA, and 1/8 aux inputs with volume control. XLR line output for connecting to additional powered speakers, a mixer, or a powered subwoofer. Built In 2 band equalizer to adjust high and low frequencies independently. Compact and light weight system delivers distortion free sound even at extreme SPL. Linear Class AB amplifier technology: high power, transparent sonic performance.

State-of-the-art 1'' pure titanium-diaphragm compression driver for crystal clear high-frequency reproduction. Ultra-wide dispersion, 45° large-format horizontal. Horn molded directly into cabinet. Built In high quality crossover to filter out unwanted frequencies. Versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning.

Stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket. Ergonomically shaped side handle for easy carrying and setup. High-quality components and exceptionally rugged high impact ABS construction. Amplifier clip limit LED indicator & power LED cabinet rear.

Built In FM Radio With 10 Presets and US/European Tuning. 110 / 220 Volt switchable power supply with external user serviceable fusing. Item Actual Dimensions in inches: 13.79 Length x 12.02 Width x 22.46 Height.

Item actual weight: 25.96 LBS. A WELL-DEFINED LED SPEAKER STAND. Talk about an all-in-one, weve reinvented the speaker stand from boring to a party maker!

The STL-100 can hold up to 60lbs and comes with the color changing customizable LED lights that change to the beat of the song. This is exactly what you need to bring your party to the next level. And as always, youll get Geminis durable construction at a price that cant be beat. Adjustable height from 35.5" to 63". Stand for iPad, iPhone and other tablets and phones from 4.7" to 12.9" screen sizes. Fits any tablet with the width up to 9 inches - If the width of your tablet is 9 inches or under it fits in this stand. Comfortably use whether standing, sitting. Perfect for karaoke, speeches, presentations, and more. Tilts +5 degree and -5 degree for different angle viewing. Foldable design for easy transportation and storage. Holder material : ABS and rubber surface. Stand material : Steel tubes with powder coating. All Rockville pro audio cables are made with 100% copper which boosts the efficiency of the cable. There is nothing better than 100% copper. Most of the cheaper cables on the market do not use 100% copper, instead they make their cables with CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum). CCA cables do not perform on the level that 100% copper cables perform at. CCA will not conduct signals efficiently. A 12 gauge CCA cable will not even perform as well as a 14 gauge 100% pure copper cable, which will in turn, affect the performance and longevity of your equipment. Rockville pays an inspection company to oversee the manufacturing of the product to ensure that we provide a 100% Oxygen Free Copper Cable (OFC). Our OFC cables are less prone to oxidation, and will provide maximum signal transfer.

The other important factor of a cable is the shielding. Most of the good brands on the market have about 85% shielding coverage, so we decided to take our shielding a step further.

Rockville cables are shielded with a tight copper mesh, covering 90% of the cable! The high percentage of coverage increases the ability to absorb the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) that suppresses signal and degrades the performance of equipment. Rockville Cables copper shielding provides great flexibility, maintains a durable structural integrity, while decreasing signal interference ensuring enhanced signal clarity with every use. Rockville RCDR10B Black Dual Mono Right Angle RCA to Straight RCA Patch Cable. Dual RCA to Dual RCA. Nickel-Plated for Rugged Durability and Efficient Signal Transfer. 100% Copper Conductors for Enhanced Signal Clarity. OFC Spiral Shields for Effective EMI and RFI Rejection and Flexibility. Video of Pro Mic Kit 1. Unboxing Video of PRO MIC KIT 1. The Rockville pro mic kit 1 was created in response to a need we saw in the market for a very high quality microphone at an affordable price. We feel there are a lot of good mics around from reputable brands that sound great, but they are very expensive. When we looked at the cheaper ones on the market from both reputable and entry level brands; we were not impressed. We sent our product developers on a mic testing journey.

A lot of our employees here at Rockville love to do karaoke, so it was not long before we found a mic that we all fell in love with! You may be asking yourself; so what makes this mic so good? Well, there are 3 main components that make a mic sound the way it does. The cartridge, the magnet, and the mic cable.

Our mic uses an M-56 cartridge which has a neodymium magnet. We pay a lot of attention to detail. We are very Passionate about our products and we really have a lot of respect for our customers standards. For this reason, we included in this package a 100 % OFC copper cable.

There is no aluminum in this cable! This means the cable will last longer and will sound A Lot better. Ultimately what you get Is a distortion free signal. In addition we use a true gauge mic cable with proper thickness. The body of the microphone is also something we paid a lot of attention too. We did not want it to be too light and feel cheap. We made a nice solid metal microphone. It has a great feel to it. We could have went with plastic or cheaper metal, but we wanted to create a mic that we ourselves would want to use. For the mic stand we include in this bundle, we made sure the height adjusts high enough and that the stand is thick and sturdy enough for anyone who will use it. We use plastic feet covers to stop unwanted sliding. The stand tubing is made of iron.

We gave the stand a beautiful black painted finish. Best of all, the stand is totally portable weighing in at only 2.42 LBS!

We pay a lot of attention to detail so I would like to mention why we went with a canvas carry bag. We sourced multiple bags and had multiple options of bags.

Its a great quality canvas travel bag that will hold the mic, the stand, and all your mic accessories/cables. The bag has 2 carry straps which allow you to carry it with your hands or on your shoulders like a backpack. We also included internal sponge padding and straps to separate the mics and the stand and keep them both from rubbing against one another. You will be impressed with every component we include in this bundle from the mic to the bag.

Mic cable XLR to ¼ 100% OFC Copper! Rockville Pro MIc Kit 1 - High-End Metal Microphone+Mic Stand+Carry Bag+Cable. Frequency Response: 80 - 13Khz.

Impedance: 600 Ohms ± 30%. High quality metal mic stand. Made of strong iron tubes! Adjustable height: 31.5 59 inches. Weight: Only 2.4 LBS!

Plastic feet covers to stop unwanted sliding. The bottom part of base is made of 20MM thick iron.

Top part of base is made of 15.2 MM thick iron. Feet are made of 19MM iron.

Comfortably holds microphone, mic stand, cable and other mic accessories. Other bundles include plastic bags, this canvas bag will protect better and can be thrown around without damaging your equipment.

Internal belt ties to lock the mic and cable in place and separate it from the stand. Internal separator separating the mic from the stand to eliminate them rubbing together.

Internal sponge padding for protection the gear in the bag. Bag prevents equipment from getting scratched. (2) carry straps make it easy and comfortable to transport.

Straps were built as handles to carry or as shoulder straps to carry them like a backpack. Bag is made with scratch proof canvas. Bag can hold up to 22 pounds of gear! This is a very high quality bag! Stylish Rockville logo on bag so you can do not confuse this bag with someone elses. Dimensions of Bag: 30.33 inches Length x 3.54 inches height. Weight of bag: 0.44 pounds. 100% OFC oxygen free copper. Cable delivers crystal clear distortion free signal. Cable is 5 MM thick with cover (22 AWG standard mic cable). XLR cable connectors are very solid and durable.

Heavy Duty Standard Size Microphone Clip. Solid Plastic Construction with copper inside (part that screws to the mic).

HOW TO SET UP YOUR RWM1203VH. Rockville RWM1203VH VHF Dual Channel Handheld Wireless Microphone System. Large display on receiver + digital display on each mic. Each mic is large and solid with a nice weighted feel.

Improved high performance wireless handheld microphone capsule. Includes transmitter with two handheld, high sensitivity, unidirectional, wireless cardioid microphones. Featuring a dual filter design to limit feedback and interference.

Ultra signal stability eliminates unwanted distortion. Transmitter automatically links to receiver for ease of use. Use two handheld mics at once. Low power consumption for longer battery life.

System comes in 4 different frequency options. You can request a specific one in the notes. Operating Range: 150 feet or more. Frequency Range: 210MHz - 270MHz. Mic Battery: AA x 2. Audio Out Connector: 1/4 unbalanced. If your item is defective or you want to return it for any reason within the first 30 days of when it was delivered to you; you have the following options. We will send you a. To replace the item for a brand new one. All replacements and exchanges are free. Item Code: BPA12+Color Stand LED KAR.

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  • Brand: Rockville
  • MPN: BPA12+Color Stand LED KAR
  • UPC: 613815758556
  • System Includes: Microphone
  • Type: Compact System without Monitor
  • Accessories Included: Remote Control
  • Model: BPA12+Color Stand LED KAR
  • Color: Black
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics   Rockville 12 Karaoke Machine System withLED Stand+Tablet Stand+(2) Wireless Mics