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Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine

Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine
Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine
Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine
Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine
Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine

Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine    Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine
FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS FOR OVER 25 YEARS. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AVAILABLE 24/7. Complete Professional Digital Karaoke System. If youre looking for a karaoke player that can do it all, the Neo-22 is the perfect machine for you.

This model is the latest by earnsale" style="border: none! To our highly successful RSQ line of Karaoke Players. Due to its multi-format capability and recording function the Neo-22 is currently one of the most sought after machines.

Along with its great body this model was designed with high quality original JVC/RSQ tooling. Its design and system makes it easy to operate, record, and rip your music.

Without doubt this machine is perfect for all Kjs/Djs as well as Karaoke Aficionados. Compatible formats NEO+G, CD+G, by earnsale" style="border: none! +G, DVD, MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, MP3 etc. Fast Ripping NEO+G, CD+G, MP3+G disc directly into USB/SD Card at MP3+G.

Record singing with MP3+G and CD+G into USB/SD Card at MP3 w/ lyrics. Easy song search : On-Screen Song Index and Song Number. Compatible with High Capacity USB External by earnsale" style="border: none!

Yamaha MG10XU 10-Channel Stereo Mixer. Yamaha MG10XU 10-Channel Stereo Mixer with Effects.

The MG10XU from Yamaha is a compact ten-input mixer with built-in effects for performances, lectures, recordings and. The mixer features four mic/line combo inputs with D-PRE mic preamps as well as six 1/4 line inputs with stereo level controls. It also features USB connectivity and is capable of providing two channels in and two channels out to. Your by earnsale" style="border: none! At up to 24-bit / 192kHz, ideal for recording live performances, demos and more.

Each of the four mic/line inputs is equipped with a 3-band EQ, pan control and a high pass filter. The four D-PRE mic preamps feature an inverted Darlington circuit and switchable 48V phantom power for use with dynamic and condenser microphones. They also each feature 26dB attenuation switches for recording loud sound sources such as guitar amplifiers.

The MG10XU mixer has stereo XLR and TRS outs for by earnsale" style="border: none! Your PA system or monitor speakers. It also has a 1/4" headphone output with level control for personal monitoring, as well as additional TRS 1/4" stereo monitor outs for sending to powered speakers, amplifiers or devices such as digital recorders. Each of the MG10XU's channels feature a dedicated FX bus send level and there are 24 effects presets to choose from.

The overall level of the FX bus is controlled by the dedicated FX return level control. Providing reverbs, delays, phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, auto-wah, distortion and more, these effects can be used to help vocals and instruments sit better in your mix. 2-In/2-Out USB Up to 24-bit / 192kHz.

Built-In FX with 24 Presets. XLR and TRS 1/4 Stereo Outs. "D-PRE" Mic Preamps with 48V Phantom. HPF & 3-Band EQ on Mic/Line Inputs.

1/4 Headphone Output with Level Control. USB Works with PC, Mac and iOS. USB works with PC, Mac and the iPad (2 or later) through the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit / Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. By earnsale" style="border: none! Three stereo channels made up of six 1/4 line inputs (two stereo channels also have RCA inputs).

3-band EQ on channels 1-4 and 2-band EQ on channels 5-10. Pan control on each channel. FX level on each channel also feeds to TRS FX send for routing to devices such as external FX units or monitor mixers.

One-knob compressor on channels 1 & 2 to smooth out the dynamics of vocals and instruments to help them sit better in your mix. Built in LCD screen with controls for USB and SD card inputs LCD displays USB & SD Card track information such as remaining time and title. Which controls USB and SD Card inputs Line Inputs: RCA (Unbalanced), XLR (Balanced), USB, SD card Passive XLR & 1/4'' output. Microphone Inputs: XLR, 1/4'' Separate volume controls for both microphone inputs, line input and USB/SD Card inpu. USB / SD Card Support: 32GB max.

50Hz-20KHz frequency range (-10 dB). Extremely powerful 15'' woofer with 2.5'' voice coil and 50 oz.

Magnet long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power. Titanium driver for exceptional high-frequency reproduction. Unique horn design for ultra-wide sound dispersion Bass and treble controls. Power and clip indicators Two ergonomically shaped handles for easy transport. Durable wheels and top handle for easy mobility.

Rugged steel grill for optimal speaker protection. High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life. Remote controls USB / SD Card inputs. Dimensions: 18'' L x 27'' h x 14'' w. The Audio2000'S® AWM6112 Plug-In-N-RechargeTM VHF dual channel wireless microphone system is a wireless microphone system with the recharge mechanism right on the top of the receiver (AWR6112) and on the microphone (AWX6112). Intended to be a solution provider for various. Environment, the AWM6112 system is developed to provide the following benefits to the users.

Friendliness: The Plug-In-N-RechargeTM feature, with the recharge mechanism built right on the microphone and the receiver, makes the wireless microphone systems ready to be used at any time. A rack-mount kit is included such that the AWM6112 is rack mountable. Dependability: The AWM6112 system has been designed and manufactured to be dependable, problem free, versatile and easy to use.

Portability: The color cardboard box is designed to be carried easily and is, hence, highly portable. Quality: The AWM6112 system has been engineered to have a wide audio frequency range, high S/N ratio, and outstanding performance. Are used for each handheld microphone to avoid the traditional NiCd battery memory problems.

Affordability: The AWM6112 system is intended to be readily accessible to everyone with exceptional performance at a preferred and affordable price. Recharge Mechanism Built-in on the Receiver. Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Outputs.

Full Rack Case with Power and RF Indicators. RF Input with Built-in RF Preamplifier to Improve S/N Ratio, Sensitivity and Dynamic Range. Low Noise Mixer Circuitry for Reducing interference. Channel 1 Volume Level Control.

Channel 1 Recharge LED Indicator. Channel 2 Volume Level Control.

Channel 2 Recharge LED Indicator. For use with internal or external speaker mounts. Hand adjustable bolt tightens shaft in any location from 44-80. Insert attached safety pin in any of the 6 preset. Housing effortlessly slides along lower shaft to open & close the legs. Base spread should be at twice the width of your. Extends to 74 (2m) high.

100 lb (90 kg) capacity. Professional Microphone with Metal Case and dent resistant grill. Comes with XLR to 1/4 Mic Cord. Designed for the consumer who wants.

Impendance: 600 Ohms ± 30 %. This package comes with all cables needed for immediate hookup!


WE HAVE UPLOADED ALL THE MUSIC TO ONE SIMPLE FLASH DRIVE! NO MORE DEALING WITH FLIPPING THROUGH CDS TO FIND YOUR FAVORITE TUNE!!! Add a map to your own listings. The item "Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine" is in sale since Friday, May 06, 2016. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Karaoke Entertainment\Complete Karaoke Systems".com" and is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine    Complete Karaoke System Bundle Bluetooth Active Speakers Pro Neo 22 Machine